About Me

Hi, I'm Kyle! I'm a product leader, writer, woodworker, entrepreneur, designer, and tinkerer. I'm an avid reader and insatiably curious. I love creating, innovating and all things product.

From managing massive projects, to leading teams both large and small, I have vast experience working with large companies as well as brand new start-ups. From creating long-term strategy to launching new products - everything from custom learning software to multi-billion dollar funds to small web tools.

Product Leader


  • Understand: The users, technology, and business
  • Analyze: Market and competitive landscape analysis
  • Ideate: Take problems and ideate through possible solutions
  • Experiment: Prototype, test, learn & iterate


  • Design: User focused and user centered
  • Refine: Lead teams and stakeholders through user story mapping and design
  • Decompose: Technical analysis and acceptance criteria
  • Develop: Prioritize, communicate and make it happen


  • Release: Regularly release new features to users
  • Launch: Plan new product launches and go-to-market strategies
  • Adopt: Rollout planning and user training
  • Learn: Improve user experience, growing revenue and change lives


  • Teams: Built and lead numerous agile development teams in the creation and release of new products and experiences to users
  • Stakeholders: Lead large groups of stakeholders through prioritization and rollout planning
  • Mentor: Mentor product managers and young professionals internally and externally


You can check out my posts on Medium or on my blog. Here are a few favorites:


Evans Woodshop

My etsy shop for the woodworking I've been doing for several years now

Gray Mountain Design

My little hobby shop for artwork, typography and t-shirts

Gray Mountain Gifts

Our laser engraving shop where we customize everything from cutting boards to home decor


Here is a sample of a few of the websites and products I've worked on recently, both personally and professionally

EvansWoodshop.com is a full-stack ecommerce site I built using Angular, Node, Express and SQL. Click here to check it out.
TimeyWimeyTrivia.com is a quiz app I built using Angular. Test your knowledge of Doctor Who by clicking here!
Evans Shops is a site I put together to showcase the many different projects that the Evans Family has going on. Check it out!
The new assessment and evaluation system is one of the largest and most ambitious products developed by WGU. It revolutionized the experience from creation to delivery to evaluation, and I had the opportunity to help create and deliver it.
The WGU Logbook is a tool I helped design and create in order to better help students track their field experience. Here is a demo of what it looks like.
As part of my push to focus on human-centered design, I led our team in reimagining the assessment scheduling process. This is a little preview.
The new WGU System Check is an awesome tool I helped create and then expand to some awesome new functionality to help students. Check out this preview
I helped launch several new products in 2016, including 3 money market funds accounting for over $800 million in assets for Goldman Sachs
I redesigned the entire GSAM Liquidity Solutions website and created many of the features and pieces available there.
From redesigning functionality based on user feedback to testing various new features, I helped launch the new version of the Goldman Sachs mutual funds website globally.

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